Friday, June 28, 2013

Are moms allowed to have best friends?


Growing up I remember having a best-friend in school was essential. Yes, we each had a bracelets and could talk for hours on the phone. My best-friend knew pretty much all my secrets and all my worries. How does that change when we become moms? Some moms find it easy to balance children, home, spouse, and friends. Others like me not so much when it comes to friendships. My current best friend does not know about my personal life. Why? Well because you don't want them to think you are a bad mother for not letting your children watch TV an extra 20 min or a bad house manager because you left the laundry in the washer for two days now, or a bad wife because you just simply wanted to strangle your husband the second you saw those jeans in the middle of the floor. Yes, if I can't trust her with this information then maybe she is not a good friend right? The truth is mother-hood changes women and priorities change. If my friend does not have children or has a different parenting style, then it might be difficult to be a best-friend. It is defiantly recommended for obvious reasons to have time for yourself, but writing "talk to best friend" on your to-do list might not be good. 

Last night I had the greatest opportunity to have a peaceful quiet no-kids dinner with my very good friend.
Do I see her often? No
Does she know every time my kids or husband throw a tantrum? No
Do I call her the second I feel the world crushing on me? No
Does she call me and start the conversation with "You never call me anymore"!- No
Does she get upset if I have to re-schedule a girls night because life happened? No

Having a best-friend now is defiantly different than middle school best-friends. Bottom line: I have a best-friend who I don't call and I have a good friend that I see every now and then and it's nice to know we are only a phone call away. 

How has motherhood changed your best-friend relationships?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Drama under 7

Having three beautiful girls under 7 has been quite the experience. As expected, every morning is the typical routine, "I don't want to wear this", "I don't have any clothes", "Why didn't you wash my favorite shirt". *sigh*. By the time we are out of the door and kids are at their destinations, I'm drained (it's only 9 am)! 
It definitely takes a lot of patience to be a good parents. 
Overall this is the "roller coaster" I never want to get off of. 

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